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Security Series

Security Series

When “Turkey’s Approach to Security in the 21st Century Task Force” was launched, security was adopted not as a temporary item on GRF’s agenda, but a critical issue on which GRF would continue studies and deliberations over the long run. Hence, the “Security Roundtable Meetings Series” was introduced as a complementary mechanism to facilitate engagement with the broader GRF community to discuss these critical issues. The series contributed substantively to the deliberations of the Task Force, and due to GRF’s commitment to contribute to the global debate on security, was ensued after the launch of the report.

The following meetings were held as part of the Security Roundtable Meeting Series:

Past Meetings

Roundtable Meeting with Mr. Vahit Erdem, Founder & First Undersecretary of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (F)
Roundtable with Ambassador (R) Carlos Trezza, Ambassador for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (F), Chairman of the Missile Technology Control Regime (F)
GRF Roundtable Series on Security Guest Speaker: Mr. Shai Cohen, Consul General of Israel to Istanbul
Roundtable with Dr. Nihat Ali Özcan, Security and Foreign Policy Expert, Columnist at the Milliyet Daily
Roundtable with Ms. Ceren Yazgan, Deputy Director General for Security and Intelligence at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Roundtable with Dr. Metin Gürcan, Security Expert and Columnist
Roundtable with Prof. Mustafa Kibaroğlu, Chair of Department of Political Science & International Relations at MEF University
Roundtable with Dr. Ali Vaez, Senior Analyst on Iran, the International Crisis Group (ICG)
Roundtable with Prof. Ali Karaosmanoğlu, Director of Center for Foreign Policy and Peace Research
Roundtable with Ambassador Rogelio Francisco Emilio Pfirter, Former President of Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
Roundtable and Luncheon with Mr. Naci Koru, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Turkey
Roundtable with Prof. Sertaç Hami Başeren, Professor of Political Science at Ankara University
Roundtable with Mr. Murad Bayar, Undersecretary of Defence Industries
Roundtable with Ambassador Murat Özçelik, Undersecretary of Public Order and Security (F)
Roundtable with Ambassador Hüseyin Diriöz, Assistant Secretary General of NATO
GRF "Security" Roundtable Series Mr. İbrahim Kalın Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Turkey