GRF Young Academics Program

GRF Young Academics Program

The GRF Young Academics Program is designed for young academics who are either pursuing or have completed their PhDs within the last three years.

The goal of this program is to provide a forum for young academics with strong educational backgrounds to discuss and debate a range of issues on the global agenda, and contribute to policy discussions in the national and international spheres.

GRF Young Academics Program is designed to culminate in the publication of a paper authored by the young academic. The paper is then published as part of the Policy Paper Series or the Analysis Paper Series. While both series are concerned with thoroughly analyzing a topic of interest related to global systemic issues, the former additionally proposes policy recommendations. GRF Young Academics Program consists of two meetings.

First Meeting: The academics will present their topic of choice to other participants of the program, and a discussion will follow each presentation. This will provide each participant with the opportunity to clarify and improve his or her thesis with the feedback they receive from their fellow participants.

Second Meeting: The institutional experience and contribution of the GRF comes into play more explicitly at this stage. Within this framework, the GRF will put together a different evaluation commission for each participant. The commissions will be made up of a select group of individuals with knowledge and expertise in the young academic’s topic of choice. Each participant will present the first draft of his or her paper to the evaluation commission and will receive personalized feedback from the commission members.

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Topics of Interest to GRF

GRF is interested in any topic which is sufficiently insightful to make a unique impact on the global agenda. Therefore, GRF Young Academics Program is open to academics from all areas of study.

Application Details

• Applications are now closed for the 2017-2018 term. Please follow our website for new application terms.

• Application documents should be submitted to Documents required for applying to the GRF Young Academics Program are listed below:
o CV
o A cover letter (in English and/or Turkish) that summarizes the topic on which the candidate wishes to publish a paper and describes the importance of the topic from a global perspective.
o Application form.

• Candidates whose applications are rejected are encouraged to apply to the program again next year, by submitting a new application.

• When organizing the meetings in Turkey, GRF will demonstrate flexibility with regards to those participants who live abroad.