? GRF Young Fellows Program 2022-2023 Term First Meeting
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GRF Young Fellows Program 2022-2023 Term First Meeting

GRF Young Fellows Program
2022-2023 Term
First Meeting


First created under the name GRF Young Scholars Program in order to provide young undergraduate students studying in the most prestigious universities within Turkey and abroad with a platform where they can analyze and discuss global issues in a free, rational and constructive manner, the program returns in 2022 after a brief restructuring period under the name GRF Young Fellows Program.

The first meeting of the program’s 2022-2023 term took place in December 24, 2022, at Galatasaray University Strategic Research Center (GSÜ-SAM) inside the university’s Ortaköy Campus.

Following speeches by GRF President Ambassador (R) Selim Yenel and GSÜ-SAM Chairman & GRF Member Dr. Tolga Bilener, the participants began the first roundtable session on "Technological Singularity", moderated by GRF Young Scholars Program 2012 alumni Mehmet Yalçın Aydın. In a rapidly-evolving world of artificial intelligence based technologies that can be integrated within the human body, the participants discussed what risks and opportunities may lie for humanity over the next 30 years.

In the second roundtable session, moderated by GRF Young Academics Program 2020 alumni and GRF Member Dr. Cevat Giray Aksoy, the participants looked at the global dynamics created by contemporary forced migration patterns through a social, societal and economic lens, and examined how technology can help with migration management.

After the roundtable sessions ended, GRF Member and Vestel Ventures Board Member Cengiz Ultav delivered a speech entitled "Managing Change and the Role of Technology in the Coming Era" in his role as guest speaker, and answered the participants’ questions.

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