Past Events
Past Events
GRF Young Global Program Inaugural Meeting

GRF Young Global Program Inaugural Meeting
April 17-19, 2015


In April 2015, Global Relations Forum launched the Young Global Program, a new community program for young thinkers. The Young Global Program is designed to motivate its participants to systematically think about possible paths of fundamental change over very long time horizons. The ultimate goal of the program is to identify norms, values and structures that can and should survive two hundred years of intense change that seems to lie ahead of us, and jointly draft a document on them.

The first meeting of the program was held on April 17-19, 2015 at MIT’s Endicott House in Massachusetts, USA, with a distinguished group of participants including several GRF Young Scholars Program graduates and other participants who are studying at/graduates of the leading universities of the world.

The meeting focused on four important institutions/social constructs of humanity to bring out the possibilities of change in a two hundred year perspective: war, city, money and crime. Throughout the meeting, the participants discussed these constructs in great detail through unbundling their constituents and imagining different future versions of these constructs as its components evolve or disappear.

After several “Unbundling” meetings in Turkey and Europe, the Young Global Program will be concluded with a “Values and Structures” meeting, where the document containing constructs that will potentially and hopefully endure 200 years of technological, social and cultural transformations will be drafted.


The participants of the first Young Global Program meeting are listed below:


Ömer Alaettinoğlu

Haldun Anıl

Meneviş Cılızoğlu

Senem Çilingiroğlu

Sabire İpek Demir

Diana Enriquez Schneider

Bilkan Erkmen

Kyle Hutzler

Yasmin Inam

Malcolm S. Marcoulides

Aslıhan Selimbeyoğlu

Nicholas Titelbaum

Levent Tüzün

Yiğit Yorulmaz

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